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Fly veils and masks

Selection of horse and pony fly veils from the biggest brands. The fly veil's role is to cover the horse's ears to protect it from insects and noise. During the summer period, insects are a source of annoyance for the horse at work, which will shake its head to get rid of them. An effective solution is to put on a fly veil to prevent insects from circling around the ears. If the horse is fearful or sensitive to noise, anti-noise ears exist with a thicker material at ear level. This makes it possible to attenuate the noise of the wind, or during competitions and therefore to maintain maximum concentration. There are several types of fly veils, but the most popular is the Kentucky Horsewear Wellington fly veil. Its classic and slightly rounded shape is very elegant. It is hand crocheted and very comfortable. This fly veil is available in several colors to match the saddle pad, for example.