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Brushes and grooming equipment for the horse

Brushes are the essential element for the horse's grooming routine. Having good quality brushes is very important as they are used many times when the rider rides a horse or pony. Among the essentials for grooming: a hoof pick, a brush for the mane and several types of caps for the hairs. To choose a brush, it is necessary to take into account the nature of the bristles and their degree of dirtiness. Are they long, is the horse clipped, is it shedding? Is the hair dry, is it very dirty? Depending on these elements, the rider can choose a cap with long or short hair, rather firm or soft. We must also take into account the sensitivity of the horse. No order in particular, it is possible to start with the mane, the feet or the dress according to the habits of each one. It is important to choose good quality brushes because they will last over time, for example those of the brand  Borstiq Farm or Grooming Deluxe are a very good investment!