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Organization of the stable and storage of the tack room

Properly organizing and storing your saddlery is essential to keep your riding equipment in good condition for a long time. For grooming and care products, it is advisable to group them together in a grooming bag, which is very practical for transporting the equipment. For the saddle, several covers exist to protect it from dust with in particular a soft lining which makes the leather shine. It is also important to protect the saddle from the friction of the stirrups with small covers. To suspend buckets, several accessories are available such as the attachment straps. To protect and properly store saddle pads, the saddle pad bag is an essential saddlery product. It allows you to store several mats flat and takes up very little space. There are also covers for riding boots or for helmets. To organize the tapes and avoid losing them, a tape bag with compartments is very useful. The most practical accessory is the removable saddle rack, which is placed on the box door. Just put the saddle on it, to prevent it from getting dirty or damaging the ground.