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Riding breeches for the equestrian

The riding pants, also called riding breeches, must suit a maximum of morphologies of the woman and the man rider, they can be worn without a belt without falling or yawning. Riding pants or riding leggings should fit snugly without being too tight at the waist and should fall snugly around the ankles, without the need for pulling or hemming at the bottom. The riding pants should be comfortable without annoying seams, not be transparent (especially white) or mark the underwear too much. Ideally, the riding pants or leggings have pockets to put a phone, keys or a treat. High or low waist, it's all a matter of taste and aesthetics! Ditto for the grips at the knee or the full grip (or full grip), it all depends on the discipline and comfort of each. Leggings are often preferred for riding in summer because they are lighter than traditional breeches which will be warmer especially in winter. Among the riding clothes for men and women, the pants are the most technical product and it is important to choose the right model to guarantee comfort on horseback.