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Base layers, tops, sweatshirts and jackets

T-shirts, base layers, sweatshirts and training jackets for horse riding or wearing at the stables. On foot or on horseback, it is essential to equip yourself according to the weather and the physical activity planned. For the winter season, it is recommended to wear a base layer with long sleeves to keep the body warm. The LeMieux and Equestrian Stockholm base layers are particularly recommended because they retain heat while allowing perspiration to escape. Made in a stretch fabric, they follow the movements of the rider without hindering them. These base layers can be worn as is or as an underlayer of a jacket, for example the Cavalleria Toscana down jacket or the Chypre GEM down jacket . When the temperatures are warmer, a short-sleeved or long-sleeved t-shirt is sufficient. For example, choose those of the Demivolte brand which are made of organic cotton.