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Freejump stirrups for the safety of the rider on horseback

Freejump stirrups for safe riding. The Freejump brand designs innovative stirrups to equip the rider evolving in all disciplines. The Freejump stirrups are designed above all for high level riders. Once validated by the best riders in the world, they are made accessible to all riders from beginner to advanced. Freejump stirrups are known to facilitate the placement of the feet in an optimal position for the practice of horseback riding. Their design also allows for quick release to free the foot in the event of a fall. All these technical innovations maximize safety on horseback.


The flagship Freejump model is the Soft'Up stirrup which is a single branch stirrup with an ultra-wide, ergonomic non-slip floor. Its spring steel branch divides the forces received by 3, which relieves the rider's joints and the horse's back. The cushioning of Soft'Up stirrups is 3 times higher than with a traditional stirrup. The Freejump Soft'Up stirrup exists in 3 variations: the Soft'Up Classic, the Soft'Up Pro + and the Spft'Up Lite.


Introduced more recently, the Freejump AIR'S caliper is made of stainless steel and has an air cushion mounted floor. Its polyamide upper band is designed to unclip in the event of strong pressure in order to facilitate the release of the foot if necessary.