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Equilibrium: massage pad for horses

The Equilibrium massage pad is the flagship product of the English brand Equilibrium. This innovative product offers an effective and pleasant massage for horses and ponies. A relaxed horse, with lean muscles, will move with fluidity and flexibility, which is particularly important for sport horses whatever their discipline: dressage, show jumping or eventing. The Equilibrium massage mat is made of polyurethane, or PU, with foam padding. The PU exterior makes the product extremely durable, but also hygienic, which is ideal if shared between several horses and ponies. It is resistant to water and grease, but also to fungi. This material together with the padding also makes it comfortable for the horse. Four massage motors are positioned in target areas for horses and ponies. There are two on each side of the withers and two more just behind the saddle area. The careful design of the Equilibrium massage mat facilitates the diffusion of the massage along the muscle of the back.