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Back to school Demivolte photo contest

To participate in the Demivolte special edition CSO photo competition and win prizes, it's very easy:  

Step 1 : Send your funniest photo to the obstacle via the form below

2nd step  : Every day, the 4 best photos will be published on social networks with a vote from the community


Step 3  : After 4 days, the 4 photos in the final will be published on social networks for the ultimate vote

The prizes to be won are as follows:

  • A 500g bag of Likit Snacks for the 4 finalists

  • A 50 € voucher for the winning photo

Important information:  

  • One entry per Instagram account / day

  • No helmet / bomb = no publication

  • Serious fall, injury = no publication

  • Photo off subject = no publication

  • Participations from September 15 to 18, 2021 inclusive

  • Final community vote on Sunday, September 19, 2021

 Thank you for your participation ! 

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